Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Wine academy

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a winemaker? Our Wine Academy gives you, during ½ day the opportunity to create, as a team, your own wine from A to Z. After having assembled the grape varieties of your vineyard, you will have to define your commercial policy before creating the design of your label. A blind tasting will select the Grand Cru of the day.


The concept of team cooking has been tried and tested, but now it’s being given new twists and added spice. Your chefs can team up to learn to work better as a group and to create dishes that fit one of many themes, where there’s something for every taste – sushi, Indian or Italian cuisine, barbecue, wine casino, dinner cocktail… And there’s even mixology if you’d rather skip the meal and pass the ice bucket and limes!

Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Cooking solution


Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Chocolate factory

Attention foodies! At the Chocolate Factory, you can discover the art of making pralines and make your own. After manufacturing, time for reflection! As a team, you will have to establish a marketing strategy and defend your product in front of a jury. The activity will end with an original “wine & chocolate” tasting.


The charades aperitif is a fun activity that combines creativity and deduction. Beforehand, each participant sends us a charade, a rebus, a poem or a riddle that defines him or her in an original way. On the day of the event, the guests will have to guess who is hiding behind the charades and then take a picture of them to create the company’s trombinoscope. Will you be perceptive enough? Can you find out who is behind the charade?

Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Apéritif des charades


Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Cocktail academy

What do good cocktails and successful teams have in common? The right ingredients and knowing how best to use them. Supervised by our bartenders, you are divided into teams to prepare cocktails with different ingredients. The experience ends with a pitch on your own cocktail creation.

gourmet CASINO

As in the traditional casino, buy chips, bet at different tables and win the auctions. The only difference ? Everything revolves around gastronomy. Test your olfactory abilities with the aroma table or your oenological knowledge with the tasting table. Activities around chocolate, beer or even cocktails are also available. Place your bets !

Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Casino gourmand


Mediation - teambuilding - teamcooking - Promenade gourmande

Combine cohesion and gastronomy through our gourmet walk! As a team, take up our culinary challenges such as blind tasting, unusual cutlery, giant aprons… Laughter guaranteed!


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