Every year, LIST launches a call for tenders to organize its Staff Day.


Foster employee loyalty
– Promote team cohesion
– Encourage interdepartmental meetings
Provide a unique shared experience for employees

Mediation - projets - LIST Staff day

As we had previously collaborated with LIST on various occasions, we sought to propose unconventional activities for this edition. We developed a criminal investigation concept that took place between Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage. In teams, employees had to interrogate actors scattered across the two sites. This activity not only enhanced their team spirit, but also allowed them to explore the historical richness of the location.

In addition to the criminal investigation, we proposed our teambuilding activity “The Soap Race” which has always been a great success. More than just a race, this teambuilding required teams to build, decorate, and pitch their soapbox to a jury before participating in the big race.

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