Mediation - projets - Klima Expo


OBJECTIVES For the general public

  • To present the initiatives, the projects that exist in the context of climate neutrality in 2050
  • To make citizens aware of the solutions of the climate cause
  • Incite a change of behavior on the part of all to achieve climate neutrality in 2050


  • Find solutions to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 at the level of municipalities and other public bodies
  • To inspire professionals by presenting existing initiatives/organizations
  • Present the different projects that have been launched within the framework of climate neutrality
  • Encourage & highlight municipalities that have implemented solutions to reduce their climate impact
  • Develop exchanges between the different stakeholders

OUR Contribution

  • Corporate identity and design of different media (website, banner, press announcement…)
  • Copywriting in French and English
  • Communication & media plan
  • Concept, design and logistics of the Exhibition
  • Content facilitation, coordination of speakers and service providers
  • Organization of the event in compliance with the Green Events label
  • Conception & management of a travelling exhibition


  • More than 2 600 visitors
  • 30 exhibitors 
  • 32 conferences
  • 1 travelling exhibition

Thanks to these encouraging results and the very positive feedback from visitors and speakers, the 2nd edition is already in full preparation.

“We already collaborated with Mediation in the past, and it had been a success. When we had the KlimaExpo project, it was only natural that we turned to them. Once again, they were up to the task in terms of reliability. Despite the short deadlines and the complexity of the project, they managed to make this 1st edition a real success. Thanks to the whole team for this excellent collaboration!”

Thomas Schoss
Government Councillor

Mediation - projets - Klima Expo
Mediation - projets - Klima Expo
Mediation - projets - Klima Expo
Mediation - projets - Klima Expo
Mediation - projets - Klima Expo
Mediation - projets - Klima Expo


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