• Offer a friendly day full of emotions to residents and supervisory staff
  • Strengthen relationships with all stakeholders

Our Work

Embracing the vibrant essence of the 1960s, we transformed Ligue HMC’s premises into a time capsule of joy and unity. Our theme, ‘Celebrate and Connect,’ was brought to life through a tapestry of activities designed to engage, delight, and foster relationships among all attendees.

Highlights of the Event:

Anniversary Fresque: A collaborative art project that allowed every guest to contribute, leaving a lasting legacy.

Nostalgic Storybook: Crafting a collective narrative that weaved together the history and achievements of Ligue HMC, accentuated by personal anecdotes and memories.

Karaoke and Laughter Yoga: These light-hearted and engaging activities not only entertained but also created an atmosphere of uninhibited joy and camaraderie.