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Mediation SA

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since 1991

Mediation SA is the Luxembourg communication agency specialized in relational marketing.

We create experiences that meet tangible goals. We like to imagine innovative concepts through a multitude of media. We design, produce and communicate immersive experiences that are fun and responsible. It’s easy to create an impact. But it takes real craftsmanship to create an impact that gets the response you want. We are convinced that we can achieve your goals by building strong relationships with your stakeholders.


Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development

Inspirit Days


Beach Party


Revantage New Premises




LëtzeBurger Website


They trust us


Since 1991, we have satisfied more than 2000 customers


Each year, we carry out more than 600 projects in the various fields of marketing and communication.


All together we have 147 years of experience in the various fields of marketing and communication.

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