Our Expertise

We create experiences that meet tangible goals. We like to imagine innovative concepts through a multitude of media. We design, produce and communicate immersive experiences that are fun and responsible.


We enjoy contributing to your projects by sharing our knowledge of the market and our network which are inexhaustible sources of creative solutions. Trust in our expertise to save you time and money and to help you achieve your goals.


Live events

Anniversaries, product launches, open houses, incentives, staff parties… all share the common goal of creating commitment and generating content for other communication channels.

Nothing replaces human relationships. In the all-digital era, we aspire to have more contacts and real exchanges. Our brain retains only what is transmitted to us or what is received with an emotion. And for emotions, there is nothing better than real life, even if it means embellishing it with technology.


Hybrid events

Whether it’s for a product launch, an award ceremony, a trade show or even a management speech, we offer you various solutions to carry out your events digitally or in a hybrid format.



Book one of our digital or hybrid teambuildings and create time for empathy and sympathy. Whether you are looking for a collaborative activity or something more mind-blowing, you’ll undoubtedly find what you are looking for in our programs.



Onboarding, this rather “cool” word refers to the integration period for every new employee. Challenges ? Having an employee who is quickly operational and who, above all, wants to stay with the company for a long time.


Brand activation

Mediation brings your brands to life and scales them right where consumers are. We develop concepts, manage logistics and provide staffing to activate your brand in the field. Our regularly trained, multilingual and dedicated brand ambassadors help you achieve your goals.