• Thank the staff for its loyalty
  • Offer a great day to employees and their families
  • Build employee loyalty
  • Communicate about the longevity of the company

Our Work

Celebrating 33 years of innovation and community, LuxEnergie hosted a distinctive anniversary event at the Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club, designed to honor its legacy while engaging its family of employees. We delved into the company’s core values, shaping an event that bridged the past, present, and future.

The heart of the celebration was an exhibition of 33 significant milestones, resonating with employees across generations and narrating LuxEnergie’s journey. The day was filled with family-oriented activities, including golfing experiences that invited newcomers and aficionados alike to the greens.

Highlighting the event, Georges Christen, Luxembourg’s famed strongman, delivered a show-stopping performance, embodying the strength and fortitude of LuxEnergie. The grand finale united everyone in a symbolic human logo formation, captured from above by drone cameras, sealing the day with a message of unity and shared vision for the years to come.