Engage in soapbox racing, explore in a 2CV rally, seek treasures in the Käfer Rallye, unravel mysteries in an oldtimer rally, navigate drone races, build Mars rovers in iRobot, bond with horses in Attelage, mountain bike in Mullerthal, race GT cars, and conquer quad courses.

The soap race

Race for the finish begins with fun at the startline!

Discover an extraordinary experience combining agility, creativity and a good amount of fun with our soapbox race! In this thrilling adventure, you’ll have to design and customise your soapbox before presenting your concept to our prestigious panel of Friendly Animators. Take up the challenge and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your team!

2CV Rallye

Experience a unique adventure in an oldtimer or 2CV!

Do you dream of riding in an oldtimer or driving a 2CV? This rally is for you! Combining the discovery of a region with the pleasure of driving, this activity will strengthen your team spirit while providing you with a unique experience. Armed with a tablet or a roadbook, you’ll have to go from stage to stage, taking on challenges and answering questions that may lead you to the treasure.

Terres Rouges Käfer Rallye

The South of Luxembourg is full of hidden treasures. Set off to conquer them as a famous ladybug! In a team of 4 people, you will have to find your way to access the challenges that will allow you to collect the clues leading you to the treasure. Good road !

Oldtimer rally

Who has never dreamed of riding in an oldtimer? This exclusive rally, on the wine route, will delight gourmets, wine lovers and puzzle seekers. Immerse yourself in the world of Luxembourg Holmes and help him solve the mystery of the cooper gang. Elementary my dear Watson !

Drone race

Test your driving skills! After a team initiation, the races will begin but it will not be enough to be the fastest. The important thing will be to hit the targets on the ground and to circumvent the obstacles scattered on your way. Concentration and precision will be required!


Ready to conquer space? As a team, build, in a limited time, a robotic machine capable of picking up as many rocks as possible on Mars in order to find the presence of water on the red planet. The team that has created the most efficient robot will be awarded a cyber-prize!


More than a carriage ride, this atypical teambuilding will allow you to understand, as a team, the preparation of the team and the care of the horses upstream and downstream. Get ready for a moment of privileged exchange between man and animal, and all this in the heart of nature.

Mountain bike discovery tour

Nature lovers and thrill seekers, here is an activity for you! Discover the enchanting Mullerthal region, more commonly known as the “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland”, by mountain bike. Practice various unusual activities such as slacklining, caving or even rock climbing and develop your team spirit for a day.

GT power

Want thrills? Climb aboard these exceptional cars on a dedicated circuit. Driving exclusive vehicles, kart racing, 4 x 4 routes are all activities that you can do.

Quad trophy

As a team, complete a quad course punctuated with challenges to be met such as orientation challenges, races, cross golf… A fun and adrenaline-rich activity.