• Drive Community Engagement
  • Illuminate OkaJu’s Advocacy
  • Strengthen Institutional Prestige

Our Work

Our collaboration with Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher started with the organization of their Summer Seminar. We handled both pre-event and post-event communication, including the creation of an event website, social media marketing, photography coverage, and a retrospective video with testimonials. On the day of the event, we managed logistics and technical aspects.

Our partnership expanded when the UN Special Representative announced her visit and where OKaju challenged us to construct a new corporate website from scratch in just two weeks. This rapid digital transformation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver under pressure, ensuring OkaJu’s online presence aligned with their international engagement. Community management and the creation of compelling photo and video content during the visit were our tools to narrate OkaJu’s story, fostering a connection that extends beyond the digital realm.

The campaign was not just about creating visibility; it was about building a legacy of influence and recognition for a burgeoning institution dedicated to societal change.