In a rapidly changing job market, all companies, regardless of their size or industry, face a crucial challenge: identifying the talents that will add value to their organization. Recruiting them is good, but retaining them is even better! Thus, providing a quality onboarding experience and ensuring employees want to stay have become major challenges today

Our services

Gamified integration journey

Give your new employees the opportunity to get to know each other better while creating the first interactions through an escape game around your values, a quiz on your procedures, or a treasure hunt highlighting your various services.


Keep your future recruit in suspense! Through a fun journey, she will discover the company’s values, culture and vision. Commitment and motivation will only be strengthened.

Welcome manual

Make your welcome manuals visually attractive to facilitate reading but also memorization. We can also take care of the editing of texts in different languages.

Welcome video

A picture is worth 1000 words! Make your message more impactful with welcome videos, interviews, motion design, web series… Anything is possible!


Facilitate the integration of your new employees by creating a directory that will allow them to find themselves in the maze of your services, while developing their sense of belonging.

Company history in comics

Stage the history of your company through a comic so that your new employees appropriate it more easily.


Give them a facelift with video, podcasts or animations to make your procedures easier to understand.

(E-) Teambuildings

Offer a playful and fun moment to your new employees that will allow them to breathe and share their experience, whether virtual or physical.

Our Whitebook

Do you want to know the secrets of an effective team building? Ask for our whitebook.