• Offer employees a day of relaxation to thank them for their commitment throughout the year
  • Develop dialogue between different departments
  • Strengthen team cohesion
  • Contribute to the employer brand

Our Work

For BDO’s latest Staff Party, we channeled the spirit of the beach to the lakeside, creating an idyllic setting for a festive gathering. Having mastered the urban rally challenge previously, we rose to the occasion once more by transforming a lakeside locale to host a grand ‘Beach Party’ for 500 attendees—without sand but with plenty of sunshine.

As attendees arrived, they were greeted by our ebullient host team with music and dance, immediately immersing them in a joyful and relaxed ambiance. A lineup of more then 20 inventive and entertaining beach activities awaited, each designed to elicit smiles and encourage teamwork. The event reached its zenith with a friendly barbecue and an animated dancefloor that resonated with the day’s cheerful energy, driving team cohesion and fostering open dialogue. This memorable lakeside celebration marked a significant milestone in BDO’s history, reinforcing a deep sense of unity and collective spirit.