• Celebrate the longevity of the eSanté agency
  • Promote its services
  • Recruit new users

Our Work

As eSanté agency commemorated its 10th anniversary, we were at the forefront, crafting a distinctive anniversary logo that captures the essence of their innovative spirit. In tandem, we designed a celebratory event on eSanté’s grounds, honoring a decade of advancements in healthcare technology.

To chronicle and celebrate the agency’s significant milestones, we produced a historical documentary film. This film highlighted the influential figures whose contributions have been pivotal to eSanté’s success. More than a retrospective, the film served as a promotional tool, artfully showcasing the agency’s services and their impact on the health sector.

This dual approach of nostalgic celebration and forward-looking promotion reflects eSanté agency’s commitment to both its heritage and its future in enhancing healthcare through technology.