• Motivate employees to take possession of the new premises
  • Strengthen communication between employees
  • Present a dynamic image of the company
  • Contribute to the employer brand

Our Work

To break the ice and encourage integration, we started the day with a series of well-being and team activities to show the advantage of office life versus remote working. As the day came to a close, all team members were invited to the official inauguration of the premises, marked by an innovative gamification experience utilizing Swarm technology to transform individual movements into a collective journey. This interactive session served as a reminder of the company’s values while enhancing cohesion and team spirit.

The game was brought to life by the dynamic English-speaking moderator Lisa Burke and the talented dancer Sylvia Camarda, infusing the event with energy and excitement. The celebration reached its peak with employees taking to the dance floor, reflecting the joyous spirit of Revantage. This event wasn’t just a launch; it was an immersive experience that integrated new team members, celebrated cultural diversity, and set the stage for collaborative success.