• Sensitize employers and employees on health and safety issues in the workplace

Our Work

We proposed a strategic approach that had a significant impact on our client’s communication campaign.

Hashtag #WorkSafe: To maximize reach and engagement, we emphasized the use of the hashtag #WorkSafe. This created a unifying element for the campaign, providing online visibility.

Slogan “Together, Let’s Prevent Risks!”: The slogan we crafted, “Together, Let’s Prevent Risks!” became the rallying cry of the campaign, effectively conveying the message of collective responsibility in preventing workplace risks.

Content Creation: We produced one compelling advertisement and 5 engaging video clips, all designed to focus on solutions rather than problems. This approach resonated with the audience by providing actionable insights and solutions.

Cinematographic Approach with Motion Design: To enhance the emotional impact of the campaign, we employed a cinematographic approach coupled with motion design animations. This combination created a visual spectacle that left a lasting impression and reinforced the campaign’s message.

By combining a motivating tone, effective messaging, and visually striking content, we were able to make a substantial impact on the communication efforts of our client.