Unleash creativity with Action Painting, harmonize in Team Orchestra, craft photo novels, design comics, make your own movie with Teamflix, engage in Company Theater, and master multitasking with Juggling & You. Activities designed to foster teamwork, creativity, and communication skills.

Action painting

Create a mural together to bring out everyone’s talents and develop a collaborative vision of a project. Whether you use traditional paints, spray cans or collage, this activity will improve your team spirit and cohesion.

Team orcherstra

Whether you’re musically inclined or not, create your own rhythm in just a few hours! Thanks to the team orchestra, your team will experience a genuine spirit of cohesion, living an exceptional moment of harmony. Discover how music can unite your staff and strengthen their sense of community in an unforgettable way.

Photo book

Make way for creativity and imagination! As a team, you will have to transcribe a story into photos. All talents will be solicited: writer, photographer, make-up artist, actor… The day will end with the election of the best photo novel. To your pens!

Comics for all

As a team, develop a story and put it into pictures. You don’t need to be a designer to create a comic. This activity will allow you to discover hidden talents and develop team spirit. Keep your event alive by exhibiting the boards within your company!

Teamflix – Make your own movie!

Drama, suspense, action-movie making is so much fun. Discover the passionating world of cinema and produce your own clip upon a theme chosen in advance. Actor, make-up artist, cameraman, director, lighting technician… everyone can choose the domain that best suits them according to their talents and desires.

After the shooting, the editing will be done by our team so you can review your work at the end of the day.

Company theater

Transform your communication through theatre improvisation. According to your challenges we can focus on different themes as for example Work Life Balance, Inclusion, Management, Client Relations… After a quick initiation, hone your skills in a nice setting. Our actors make each theme captivating, each improvisation memorable. An experience filled with laughter and camaraderie!

Juggling & You

Multitasking is a myth, you’re switch-tasking!

In this individual teambuilding, fun and education come together. The teambuilding is composed of an introduction, a few exercises, and a small, immersive demo. Afterwards, participants are encouraged to try their turn. But watch out, keep the switch costs low. While balancing plates on thin pins on the one hand, they must balance several spoons in cups on the other.