Solve the intriguing case of the Diadem theft in E-Investigation, track the Opera Poisoner in a Digital Escape Game, mix drinks in a Virtual Cocktail Academy, test musical prowess in a Blind Test, and compete in the Ultimate Quiz Show. Engaging virtual activities to strengthen team unity and problem-solving skills.

E-investigation – The theft of the Diademe

Who stole the Diadem of the Grand Duchess?

The Grand Ducal Palace has been attacked! Only one item is missing: the Grand Duchess’s diadem. Who took it? By whom? Put on your detective’s coat and find the clues that will help you solve this mysterious case! But be careful, you’ll only be able to find the culprit if you work in partnership with your team-mates.

Digital escape game – The poisoner of the Opera

Find the Poisoner of the Opera!

Lux Lumbo needs your help! The most wanted assassin in the opera world, the Opera Poisoner, also known as The Phantom, is on the run in Luxembourg. Working in small teams, try to solve the riddles and puzzles that may help you track him down.

Virtual cocktail academy

What do good cocktails and successful teams have in common? The right ingredients and knowing how best to use them. Supervised by our bartenders, you are divided into teams to prepare cocktails with different ingredients. The experience ends with a pitch on your own cocktail creation. This teambuilding is the perfect way to bring together remote teams and create a sense of cohesion in the virtual workplace!

Blind test musical

Put your musical knowledge to the test!

Sound extracts, names of musicians, names of songs, find the lyrics, choreography… participants are invited to reveal their musical culture while having fun! Hosted by our host, DJ Snoop Doggy Bag, our blind test combines speed and creativity with a touch of humour! More than just a music quiz, this game also calls on participants’ choreographic and vocal skills!

Ultimate quiz show

Let yourself be carried away by the thrill of the game!

Inspired by the great TV shows, this quiz combines tasting, musical knowledge, G culture and fun challenges. Hosted by our famous host Gilbert Monlatin, our Ultime Quiz Show will give your employees a great time while developing their team spirit.