Multi activity challenge

Embark on the Hogwarts Express into the world of Harry Potter and explore the magical challenges. Follow the historical trail of the Homo Europeanus to uncover a hidden Roma treasure. These adventures blend magical experiences and historical quests to enhance team collaboration and discovery.

Hogwarts Express

Step into the magical world of Harry Potter!

To wich house do you belong? Gryffindor? Slytherin? No charms or potions needed for you to experience this spell-binding story for real, just a bit of magic on our part! Not everyone has what it takes to be a great wizard; on your journey, you are certain to have some unusual encounters that will test your skills and abilities…Are you ready for this magical adventure? Are you up to the challenge? Then it’s off to Echternach!.

On the track of the Homo Europeanus

Find the gypsy’s hidden treasure!

1856, in Moldavia-Wallachia, the slavery of the Roma ends. Groups of Roma then decide to migrate west. During their crossing, they stop in the Moselle region, in Schengen, the cradle of Europe, where they hide their wealth. Join forces and find the fabulous hidden treasure of the Roma!