Mystery event

Solve the murder of Tun Saitout, uncover secrets aboard the Minett Express, engage in a Mystery Investigation, explore Pfaffenthal’s dark incident, and decipher the financial center’s enigma. Solve the theft of the Grand Duchess’s Diadem. Immerse in captivating team-based investigations to enhance collaboration and deductive reasoning.

Lift the mystery of Tun Saitout

Who killed Tun Saitout?

A terrible crime is shaking Luxembourg. Tun Saitout, a famous touristic guide, was killed when he was about to reveal where the Grand Duchy’s treasure was hidden. When his body was recently found in the Casemates, a mysterious letter was lying next to him…Go inside the Fort Thüngen, where the monk Guillaume Ambrosius will show you around and help you find out the missing pieces of this unsolved investigation. Honour the memory of Juan Lorca by trying archery, discover the history of the fort through artwork and defend your territory against the enemy. Will you be brave enough to discover the hidden treasure and solve Tun Saitout’s mysterious death?

Find the murderer of the Minett Express

A journey through time!

In the fantastic setting of the Fondde- Gras, take the train 1900 and dive into the heart of a plot worthy of an Agatha Christie novel. Impersonate the famous Hercules Poirot and solve the murder mystery of Jang Bunn. Interrogate train passengers, explore new trails, activate your cells alone and in a team to gather the clues that will allow you to discover the truth about the story.

Mystery investigation

Marcel, the kitchen clerk, has just been found murdered in the cellar by Marie, the waitress. This is how the investigation in which you will be immersed begins. As a team, you will have to interrogate the suspects, find the clues in order to unmask the killer who is in the room. Your spirit of deduction and logic will be put to the test. Can you tell the real from the fake?

Man killed in the district of Pfaffenthal

An unusual investigation in the heart of a historical district

A dark incident has shaken the tranquility of the Pfaffenthal district when the body of Xavier Dorison, a high-ranking city public buildings official, is found with a knife in his back. In teams, delve into this dark investigation! Question the witnesses and try to separate fact from fiction. Is the victim’s wife the culprit, or could it be the Luxcontrol inspector? Amid false truths and real lies, show attentiveness and keen insight to attempt to find the murderer!
Get your detective notebooks ready!

The financial centre on alert

Investigate as a team to solve this exciting puzzle!

For a day, become a detective and enter the world of a plot full of twists and turns! A mission, clues, an enigma to solve: all the elements come together to experience a real police investigation in one of the most majestic settings: the heights of Esch.

Investigation the theft of the Diademe

Who stole the Diadem of the Grand Duchess?

The Grand Ducal Palace has been attacked! Only one item is missing: the Grand Duchess’s diadem. Who took it? By whom? Put on your detective’s coat and find the clues that will help you solve this mysterious case! But be careful, you’ll only be able to find the culprit if you work in partnership with your team-mates.