Sustainable development

Embrace nature with The Call of Nature, Back to Nature, and The 5 Senses on the Alert, offering activities from beekeeping to sensory challenges. Engage in Recycle & Reuse workshops to creatively upcycle items, enhancing team cohesion and contributing to social sustainability.

The call of nature

Become aware of your impact on the environment thanks to fun-participatory activities of all kinds & discovery workshops on renewable energies and water saving. Examples of workshops: making your own organic cream, organic cooking, beekeeping, etc.

Back to nature

4 hours dedicated to nature!

Why not take advantage of the benefits of nature by combining them with teambuilding? This programme, combining initiation, awareness-raising and interaction, will encourage creativity, reduce stress and encourage your employees to adopt a positive attitude! And this list is far from exhausting!

The 5 senses on the alert

Follow a course in the heart of nature and put your 5 senses to the test as a team! Example of tests: “the path of sensations”, “blind”, “find the smell”…

Recycle & Reuse

Use your creativity and give a second life to your objects!

Thanks to this teambuilding of a different kind, you will combine the development of team cohesion with a project of social utility. Whether you are a handyman or not, this upcycling workshop, carried out with an NGO, will call upon everyone’s skills to give a second life to objects.

The Event Planning Fresco

Embrace a journey towards sustainable event planning with our engaging and collaborative workshop. Experience the fusion of creativity and environmental consciousness in every aspect of event organization.