Treasure hunt

Embark on an urban rallye for an extraordinary adventure, solving riddles and challenges, and unlocking secrets of Luxembourg’s history. From the legend of Melusina to the treasure of the Ambiani, experience fun, cohesion, and exploration in historic and mysterious settings.

Urban rallye

An extraordinary urban adventure

Armed with your smartphones, plunge into the heart of the city’s mysteries through fun challenges and surprising riddles. Use your creativity, logic and general knowledge to unlock bonus points and win this crazy race against time! Play along and explore the city like never before!

The 7 keys of Melusina

Legend has it that a mermaid is being forced to live her life beneath the waters of the Alzette River and can only appear to humans every 7th year. Find the 7 keys that will lead you to Melusina, with a little help from Super Jones, a very famous Luxemburgish adventurer.
Take up the fun challenges using your team spirit and answer the quiz on Luxembourg in your roadbook.
Good luck !

The treasure of the Ambiani

Set off on an adventure with Luxembourg Jones, our famous explorer, who will plunge you into the captivating legend of the Ambiani treasure! This quest will take you from mine to forest to explore the Fond-de-Gras, a site steeped in history. Use your cohesion and team spirit to find the code that will unlock the treasure!

The treasure of the 7 dwarfs

Once upon a time, 7 very canny dwarfs discovered a treasure deep inside the mines. They promptly hid it again in a different spot, but fate prevented them from ever retrieving it, or revealing its whereabouts. Some time ago, a group of novice history buffs discovered a mysterious map in the mine…Enter the mines of Rumelange and use your team spirit and your power of deduction to find clues that will help you to move forward. You just might encounter some strange creatures who will guide you right to the treasure!

Inside the Wolf’s Den

Between geocaching and new technologies!

Welcome to the magnificent Mullerthal region! You’ll have to join forces to find your way through an unexpected landscape of paths, caves and vertiginous rocks. Armed with GPS devices, you’ll take on a series of crazy challenges to discover the codes that will lead you to the final stage. Can you keep your balance on a hoverboard? Can you coordinate your Double Dutch? Use WhatsApp to share your experience with the other teams! Will you become a new Indiana Jones?

Find the golden drop

Have you ever heard of the legendary ‘Golden Brothers’, the infamous Luxembourgish smugglers? It is rumored that they hid their last bottle of Brandy in the Moselle Valley. A parchment with a coded message was found a few weeks ago. Will you be the one to decipher it and find the golden drop? Call upon all of your 5 senses to find clues that will lead you to the hidden treasure, and satisfy your thirst for fun on the way!

In search of the inexhaustible source

Explore the Valley of the 7 Castles to locate the inexhaustible spring. Fun challenges and quizzes will help you collect the clues that will guide you along the way. But watch out! Beware of the strange characters you’ll meet along the way… they could mislead you…

Hidden secrets of Luxembourg

Discover the city’s hidden mysteries

As he was about to reveal the secrets of Luxembourg City, James Luxembond was assassinated. Search the culprit and explore littleknown sites in Luxembourg City. Your journey will take you to different places steeped in history, such as the casemates or the crypt of the Grand Ducal Palace. Take the tests and find the solution to the puzzles to get the clues that will reveal the identity of the murderer.

In the footsteps of Saint Willibord

The famous founder of the monastery of Echternach, Willibrord left behind a number of manuscripts describing the history of the basilica. However, over the years, some of them have disappeared… In order to reconstruct the story, we need you! Will you be able to face up to the dangers of a hostile environment and cleverly overcome the traps set to prevent the treasure being robbed?

Urban rallye Mondorf-Les-Bains

To combine heritage discovery & team cohesion!

Embark on a captivating adventure in Mondorf-les-Bains! Equipped with your smartphone, discover the city’s hidden treasures! Will you be able to find John Grün’s house, the strongest man in the world in the 19th century? Do you really know the history of the Schleck Brothers? In teams, solve unusual puzzles and take on fun challenges that you’ll encounter along the way to try and win this crazy digital rally!

An unforgettable experience in an extraordinary city!