• Raise public awareness on this issue
  • Demonstrate that there are initiatives supporting gender equality in sports
  • Introduce ambassadors who advocate for this cause
  • Support women’s sports in Luxembourg
  • Provide a communication platform

Our Work

This project started with the design of a unique visual identity. This identity was the common thread running through our communications strategy, and was consistently applied to the conference website, as well as to posters and invitations, and an engagement charter, guaranteeing a fluid user experience and immediate recognition of the event.
To generate interest in this important topic and encourage active participation, we designed and launched a dedicated Facebook page. Our community management effectively engaged the community, increasing the visibility and appeal of the conference management, ensured an engaging and successful conference.
We took our communication strategy further by producing testimonial videos of influential personalities from the sports world sharing their views and perspectives.
On the day of the event, our team of experienced hostesses ensured a warm welcome and impeccable management of guests, contributing to creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere.
Our comprehensive approach, from visual identity to event management, ensured a both engaging and successful symposium.