Many companies participate in fairs organized by professionals or institutions. However, some prefer to create their own event that brings together clients, suppliers, and staff. This can be done in the form of an Open Day or a thematic event with conferences and exhibitors within the company or outside. A brief overview of a BtoB communication and marketing tool still very little used by companies.

Why organize an internal fair?

Organizing a fair oneself offers numerous advantages. First of all, you can choose the date that suits you best. Then, by organizing your own event, you avoid competing with others and being lost in a sea of other companies. This also allows you to adjust the duration and the program as you see fit.

A fair is not just a unique opportunity to spend privileged moments with your clients. It is also an excellent opportunity to highlight your suppliers and internal experts while presenting your products and services to a new clientele.

Unlike external fairs, internal fairs only attract prospects who are interested in your products and services. Moreover, they offer a great opportunity to involve all employees more, even their families…

How to ensure the success of your fair?

Like any event, good preparation beforehand, planned internal and external communication, and flawless logistics are the keys to success.

Start by clearly defining your objectives and how you will measure the success of your fair. What are your expectations in terms of audience present, interactions, image, sales, press coverage? What promises will you make to exhibitors and visitors? What is the budget to allocate to achieve your objectives?

After answering all these questions, don’t forget the basics: the date and the location. Indeed, carefully choose the date by ensuring there are no other events that could overshadow the meeting or holidays or public holidays in neighboring countries. As for the location, prioritize accessibility and popularity. Opting for an original location will help to arouse the curiosity of your target audience. Ideally, do it in your premises if you have the necessary infrastructure.

How to finance your fair?

It is common for companies to ask for a contribution from their partners. To do this, it is important to effectively “sell” your fair through an attractive design and an interesting program. All this should be summarized in a partnership dossier offering different packages and highlighting the advantages of contributing to your event.

Thus, the partnership dossier must be as well-crafted and professional as your fair will be, as it is the first point of contact with your partners.

How to communicate about your fair?

Last but not least, communication is obviously essential to the success of your fair. Do not limit it to sending an invitation and a reminder. Motivate your partners to communicate on their networks and consider professional press. Your social networks will be more than ever your allies in this campaign. Obviously, you must talk about your event in advance, but do not neglect the power of immediacy with the publication of stories and Reels on the day. Finally, share feedback from participants and partners, especially if you wish to repeat the experience.

Organizing internal fairs has become a trend in certain sectors of activity. Allowing greater flexibility and ensuring greater visibility for companies; it is certain that this trend will continue and possibly inspire other sectors…

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